Texas Navy Association


The Texas Navy Association salutes, preserves and presents the fabulous history of the officers and men who so gallantly served to free and protect The Republic of Texas.  Their story is amazing and is truly a story worth telling.  Without the contributions of the Texas Navy, there would most likely never been a Republic of Texas.  I invite you to join us in celebrating and publishing the historic and heroic accomplishments of both the 1st and 2nd Texas Navies.  This past year, 2023, has been one of transition with the passing of some long time members, continued progress on the ‘Search for Invincible’ – the Flagship of the 1st Texas Navy and restructuring of our support team.  We are working hard on getting more Texas Navy exhibits placed in museums around the State.  The Texas Navy Association is continuing to improve its financial well being, and always invites and is most thankful for your generous contributions.  Please be a part of our wonderful organization.

Welcome to our website, blog and Facebook pages.

Admiral Richard M. Dempsey,
Texas Navy Association

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6341 Stewart Road #102
Galveston, Texas 77551

Contact Us: Homeport@TexasNavy.com 


  • Texian Navy Day
    19 Sep 2023 Texas
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